Integrated Wealth Management Reporting Site –This site is powered by Black Diamond Portfolio Management Platform. The Black Diamond Platform is an award-winning portfolio management system and client reporting solution for financial advisors and wealth managers.

Through this platform, Integrated Wealth Management establishes a secure electronic portal for each client.  Once established, a client has 24/7 access to their portfolio information including allocations, performance, transactions, and documents (reports).

At least quarterly, documents such as performance reports and billing statements are uploaded to each client’s portal.  When a document is uploaded the client is notified via email.  All documents can be downloaded and printed and/or viewed and retained in the client portal.

Black Diamond also provides a mobile app. for clients to access their portal.

Integrated Wealth Management, LLC utilizes Charles Schwab & Co. as custodians for the majority of their client assets under management. Schwab Alliance is a website and mobile platform that provides easy access to account information and is designed exclusively for the clients of advisors who custody with Schwab.

eMoney Advisor is a comprehensive financial planning software application that offers advisors goals-based and cash-flow-based analyses and projections.  Integated Wealth Management utilizes eMoney Advisor as a tool to assist advisory clients with various financial planning topics.

Additionally, Integrated Wealth Management provides each client with their own Emoney Financial Planning Hub.    This is a personalized secure financial planning site that provides clients with hands-on planning capabilities.

  • Client assets under management are fed into this site with daily updates.
  • Away assets, credit card and bank accounts can also be electronically fed into this hub.
  • Clients can create budgets and track expenses through intuitive grouping of expenses.
  • Clients may also upload and store their financial documents electronically in their secure vault.

eMoney Advisor services and eMoney Financial Planning Hub are provided as additional services to Integrated Wealth Management advisory clients at no additional cost.

Please note that privacy, security, and compliance are of upmost importance to Integrated Wealth Management, LLC

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