Client-centered approach to

Wealth management

Integrated Wealth Management, LLC. seeks to provide clients with a well-coordinated, thoughtful approach to building, securing and distributing wealth over a lifetime.

This takes ongoing communication & planning, experience & guidance, a time-tested approach to portfolio management, and integration.



Wealth management starts with understanding the values and goals of a client, their business, and their family relationships.  Integrated Wealth Management spends whatever time necessary to gather essential information to determine a client’s  investor profile and overall plan.   Since life is never static,  and new financial challenges and objectives are always evolving, developing a strong advisor-client relationship with ongoing communication is paramount.  Integrated Wealth Management communicates with clients via email, conference calls, face-to-face meetings and quarterly reporting.


Assisting clients to navigate the various decisions and stages of their own unique financial experience is central to the Integrated Wealth Management advisor-client relationship.  With over 30 years of advisor experience, Integrated Wealth Management has a comprehensive understanding of most financial topics. Whether it’s mapping out retirement cash flows, reviewing insurance benefits, or preparing to have trust documents drafted, Integrated Wealth Management is available to provide thoughtful information and guide clients to make confident financial decisions.


Developing an ongoing investment management strategy that continues to reflect a client’s unique investor profile and priorities, is central to the Integrated Wealth Management service platform.   Integrated Wealth Management believes that proper asset allocation is the cornerstone to building and managing client portfolios.  This investment strategy aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a client’s assets to various asset classes according to their investor profile.  Integrated Wealth Management makes tactical decisions regarding asset allocation based on market conditions and each client’s investor profile and circumstances.


Integrated Wealth Management is dedicated to assisting clients with a comprehensive integrated approach to dealing with a multitude of financial objectives, and believes this approach is essential to a successful outcome.  Integrated Wealth Management coordinates with trusted advisors providing support in the important areas of: tax planning, risk management, estate and legacy planning, tax compliance and financing decisions.  These professionals may include a client’s accountant, attorney, insurance professional and lending representative.


Integrated Wealth Management, LLC. (Integrated Wealth Management) is a Limited Liability Company established in the State of New Hampshire.

Integrated Wealth Management is registered to conduct business in multiple states as a registered investment advisor (RIA).

By statute, RIA’s have a fiduciary duty to their clients, which means they have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that always acts in their clients’ best interests.

Integrated Wealth Management does not hold custody of client assets and generally recommends Charles Schwab & Co. as the custodian of client assets.

Diane DuBois, president of Integrated Wealth Management, has utilized Charles Schwab & Co. as the custodian for client accounts since 1993.

In addition to investment and retirement accounts established at Charles Schwab & Co., away assets at other institutions, such as a client’s 401k, 403b, 457 account may also be managed by Integrated Wealth Management.

Fees are based on assets under management (AUM) and are expressed as a percentage of AUM.

Integrated Wealth Management has a minimum aggregate (household) Assets Under Management (AUM) of $400,000 including away assets under management.

Fees are debited quarterly from account assets per the client’s executed Discretionary Investment Advisory Agreement.

Integrated Wealth Management manages assets on a discretionary basis and allocates assets according to a client’s investor profile, financial objectives, and client imposed restrictions.

Prior to becoming a client, Integrated Wealth Management’s Discretionary Investment Advisory Agreement, Privacy Notice, and Firm Brochure are provided for review and discussion.

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