Client-centered approach to

Wealth management

Integrated Wealth Management seeks to provide clients with a well-coordinated, thoughtful approach to building, securing and distributing wealth over a lifetime.

This takes communication, dedication and experience.


Wealth management starts with understanding the values and goals of a client, their business, and their family relationships. This is never static. Therefore, developing a strong advisor-client relationship is the basis for a successful outcome.

Helping clients articulate their own master plan, subject to life’s continuous changes, and assisting them in navigating the various decisions and stages of their own unique financial universe, is central to the Integrated Wealth Management process.

Developing an integrated, ongoing investment management strategy that continues to reflect a client’s investor profile and priorities, is the cornerstone of the Integrated Wealth Management service platform.

Integrated Wealth Management coordinates with trusted advisors providing support in the areas of: risk management, retirement income cash flow, estate planning, tax compliance, leveraging decisions, and qualified plan management.

Integrated Wealth Management does not hold custody of client assets and generally recommends and utilizes Charles Schwab & Company as the custodian of client assets.

Diane DuBois, president of Integrated Wealth Management, has utilized Charles Schwab as the custodian for client accounts since 1993.

Away assets at other institutions, such as a client’s 401k, can also be managed by Integrated Wealth Management.

Integrated Wealth Management is an independent fee-only registered investment advisor.

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